Our Story


TopUKSchool’s purpose, is to provide unbiased and independent information, advice and guidance, for Chinese parents and students living in China or anywhere in the world wishing to study in the UK. It aims to help students to find the ‘the right choice of’ British independent school and sixth form colleges for them.


The team behind TopUKSchool experienced the challenges of :

  • studying in the UK at a young age and alone,
  • in finding suitable education opportunities for our children
  • selecting the right city and school to suit our childrens needs and personalities


When we looked back at those moments, we always wondered if only we could ask a friend, search a digital information source to ask questions and to get answers to our questions! This spurred us on to produce this on line resource to assist other parents and students in making these choices and sharing the experiences of many people to avoid any pit falls that they might come across.


In the light of the education challenges China is facing today, more and more people are starting to ask the same question: What is the purpose of education? The founding team of TopUKSchool set up this website with this very question in mind. We truly want young students to understand the range of choices of available; the different education environments and options that exist in order to answer all their questions.


UK Independent School

There are over 2000 independent schools in the UK. There are those famous names which include Eton where Prince William and Winston Churchill studied, as well as St Albans where Stephen Hawking came to purse his study. Emma Watson, who is the leading actress in Harry Potter, went to Headington School in Oxford.


The independent education system in the UK not only pays attention to the academic side of education, but also the development of the child as a person. Every school has its unique character but almost all schools are investing in both sport and art. With more resource available, those schools tend to have better facilities to cater for children’s educational needs. 7% of British domestic students are educated in independent schools. However, one third of British athletes in the 2012 London Olympics were educated in the independent sector.  Many well known and famous people were educated in these schools:


There are those famous names which include Eton where Prince William and Winston Churchill studied, as well as St Albans where Stephen Hawking came to purse his study. Emma Watson, who is the leading actress in Harry Potter, went to Headington School in Oxford.


British society encourages innovations, and it also pays a huge amount of attention to history and heritage. We adore the British value because of that. When we were editing the long list of the independent schools, we found not only schools with hundreds of years of history but also a school with history extending to over 1,000 years ago. The density of the history flows through the old bricks in the school and plants it’s mark on the children who study there.


Almost 2,000 years ago, the great Chinese educator Confucius had a famous saying: ‘To teach students according to their aptitude’.  We truly believe that each child has a unique character and education should encourage the character to be developed not to be supressed.  Like us today, we want to have a choice about our life and we want to live differently and have the skills to excel in all we do.  As Chinese parents ourselves we understand the long tradition of devoting everything to our children’s education.  It is for that very reason, we come together to communicate on this platform and to share with you all the information and learning that we have gleaned from our experiences and those of other UK parents.


Our children have limitless potential which should be harnessed while they are young and directed to developing them as people.  When our children grow up, this world will no doubt be different.  At a time when our society is facing unprecedented challenges that nobody has seen in the past thousands of years.  We hope that our online platform will offer you and your child greater transparency in order to better understand the British education system, its values and the choices of independent schools a little bit better. If we can offer any assistance to help your child grow, we will feel thoroughly delighted.



How we started this project

The project started originally when three of us had a conversation in a Cafe in Bristol in 2016.

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We all lived in the UK and had children going to schools. However, we were disappointed that there was no comprehensive website targeted at  Chinese parents researching  British independent schools.  This resource is now a culmination of all our experience, hard earned knowledge and our advice and guidance.

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The project officially started on 5th September, 2017. We purchased the current domain and started the TopUKSchool website, which provides information in both English and Chinese as well as school search function.

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Marketing & Sales:Irene Xie. Irene is a very experienced expert in UK education. Irene organises groups of Chinese students to come to the UK for summer camps and she is well know in the field. Irene is well connected with dozens of British independent schools and she is very familiar with the education system.

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IT:Mr. Ding. Mr. Ding has over 15 years’ experience in  IT project management. He has his own social marketing company which has regular business with Visit Britain, Visit Bath and Small to medium enterprises (SME) in the UK. Mr. Ding has teams situated in both the UK and China.

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Content. Mr Bu. Mr B is an experienced business manager with over 15 years experience leading international business developments, managing product developments, setting up new companies. He has led business developments in international markets and he is an expert in project management and business development.

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Operations. Mr Li. Mr Li is an entrepreneur, successful businessman, and an educationalist. Mr Li has been running his own education agency for the past 15 years in the UK and today it is one of the largest in the country. With well established connections through out China and business offices through out UK, his company is literately the go-to brand for Chinese students who seek British education opportunities.