At Swaminarayan, everyone works hard to create an exciting and stimulating environment to enable each child to achieve their full potential supported by our values of non-violence and service to all. Swaminarayan accepts pupils who show a willingness to learn but also persevere when faced with difficulty because no great achievement in life is without challenge. While we understand that all these qualities will not have developed when they join the school, we hope they will have learnt their worth by the time they complete their education at the school.

CHARACTER – We believe good, strong character is essential to lifelong success in all areas and contribution to the world beyond the gates of the school.

EXCELLENCE – We believe in striving for excellence in everything we do but not that excellence is everything.

OPPORTUNITY – We believe in providing a diverse range of experiences to prepare our pupils for a successful future.

SPIRITUALITY – We believe in the power of prayer, the strength and solace that we gain from looking inward.

PEOPLE – We believe in the values we want to nurture in our pupils and so strive to ensure we employ people who share in our aspirations.

Non-violence in speech, deed and thought allows us to work together to the mutual development and benefit of all people who play and work in the school. Our pupils blossom, if the people who nurture them blossom.

WELFARE – We believe the welfare of all our pupils is at the heart of their eventual success because a happy child is a flourishing child.

All pupils in each year are placed in one of the three Houses with one Tutor in charge who is also a member of the same House. They will be responsible for the health, welfare, progress and achievement of a small group of pupils in the year. Parents will have regular meetings with them to discuss and work together to support the development of the child. We strive to keep the same tutor until the child finishes their GCSEs so we hope that this will create a level of trust and mutual bond which will allow the child to flourish.


The Swaminarayan School is an independent Hindu school, the first in Europe. It is located in Neasden, London opposite the Swaminarayan Mandir, Hindu temple.

Additional Info

牛津剑桥大学录取率 Oxbridge rateN/A
城市 CityLondon
邮编 PostcodeNW10 8HE
最低年龄 Start Age2
最高年龄 End Age18
宗教信仰 ReligionHindu
GCSE排名 GCSE Ranking199
ISI教育质量报告 ISI Integrated/Education quality report