Originally founded in 1595 as a boys’ school, Wellingborough School has a long and distinguished history with strong roots in the local community.

During its early years there were just two masters, the Headmaster teaching Latin and his deputy teaching English, each on separate floors. A great rivalry developed between the two, culminating in the first floor (known as the Upper School) emerging as the present Wellingborough School, while the Lower School later evolved into the town’s Grammar School. The impressive school building, constructed in 1619, can still be seen in the town centre today.

The philosophy of Wellingborough School places scholarly achievement at the heart of a challenging education which promotes this through active involvement. It seeks to develop self-awareness and a sense of responsibility, values both individuality and altruism, and fosters the spirit of community and commitment that has been traditional to the School throughout its long history. The aim is to create an environment in which pupils are given the best possible opportunity to learn and develop.

Aims for our young people, regardless of their age:

  • To enrich their cultural experiences
  • To engender values and a sense of right or wrong
  • To develop a healthy respect for others and oneself
  • To promote a close partnership between school and home
  • To cultivate links with business, commerce and outside agencies
  • To emphasise the distinction between confidence and arrogance
  • To achieve their best in the classroom
  • To make the most of the many opportunities which we provide



Day School



Additional Info

城市 CityWellingborough
邮编 Postcode NN8 2BX
最低年龄 Start Age3
最高年龄 End Age19
宗教信仰 ReligionChurch of England
ISI教育质量报告 ISI Integrated/Education quality report
ISC综合报告 ISC Compliance report